The joy of simple things

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Jardin ecologique a Maison Blanche de Martue

Our garden

Our garden produces much of what we consume and feeds on the surplus. Nothing is wasted here, and the earth gives us back generously when we tend it with tenderness.

Home-made breakfast

Making our own yoghurts, bread, jams, fresh fruit salad, putting pastries in the oven and preparing a cheese platter for you – these are just some of the simple pleasures that make us get up with a smile every morning, because we like to share our way of life with you.

des produits a Maison Blanche de Martue
Oeufs bio de poules du verger Maison Blanche

In tune with nature

We cultivate a small vegetable garden in a «responsible» way that provides us with our vegetables, some of the fruit for our jams and the flowers that adorn our house in season.
Eggs from our hens, which roam the garden, are also available for breakfast.
Fetching water from a spring in the nearby forest while we walk the dogs, and afternoons spent discovering local suppliers are just some of the activities we enjoy…