National Park of the Semois Valley

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Locations of the Semois Valley National Park

Discover the natural beauty of the Belgian Ardennes.

The National Park of the Semois Valley in the Belgian Ardennes, located very close to the French border, spans over 3,700 hectares.


Encounter with peace and rest

The city is located to the north of Florenville, where the Semois River reaches its greatest expanse. This tranquil river and its spectacular landscape are chosen by many visitors seeking to escape stress.


One of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia

One of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia, also well-known for its international street arts festival.

Distance 2 km

Abbaye d'Orval

Unique-tasting beer

The stories, ruins, and legends of this ancient Cistercian abbey make this complex a must-visit. You can also explore its beer museum and attend the Sunday service in the new section still inhabited by Trappist monks who continue to produce the highly sought-after Orval cheese and beer.

Distance 9 km

Château de Bouillon

Stones laden with history

Immerse yourself in the history of Godefroid de Bouillon by visiting one of the oldest feudal remains in Belgium.

Distance 25 km

Other places of interest

La basilique d´ Avioth

Une surprenante basilique gothique qui semble jaillir de nulle part dans le charmant petit village d´ Avioth (France)

La citadelle de Montmédy

Partez à la découverte de cette citadelle en parcourant ses remparts et musées.

Château de Sedan

Profitez de votre séjour pour découvrir le plus grand château-fort d´Europe.


Delicious and diverse local cuisine

A wealthy array of local products

An immensely rich array of local products will delight your taste buds in the numerous surrounding restaurants: Game from our forests in all its variations, trout from our rivers, dishes featuring Florenville’s potatoes, Gaume-style cured meats, and Orval cheese, all accompanied by the many delightful local beers or Maitrank.


Hiking and strolls

On foot, on horseback, or by bike, come explore a stage of the St. James’s Way that passes right in front of our house. Discover the Gaumaise Lorraine, take part in the Transgaumaise. A vast selection of marked trails winds through the surrounding forests and along the banks of the Semois.


From Chiny to Bouillon, an incredible discovery of landscapes.

The stag bellow

Listening to the call of the rutting stag and the sound of their antlers clashing as they clash is a fascinating sight.
From mid-September to mid-October, you can go to certain places in the surrounding forests to listen. We strongly advise you to be accompanied by a nature guide or a forest ranger to avoid disturbing the wildlife.